Ice Cream Cone Party Sandwich Recipe

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Who doesn’t love ice cream?  And ice cream screams party, so why not make this yummy and adorable ice cream cone sandwich for your next party?  Or just make a fun surprise for lunch one day!

We love creating fun sandwiches for both kids and adults.  This is one of our most favorite so far.  To nake the sandwich, just follow the recipe below and remember to save all the cut off crusts and bread pieces you don’t use for the sandwich for later use.  You can make croutons or bread pudding with the scraps.

Ice Cream Cone Sandwich Recipe

Make a single dip or a double dip ice cream cone sandwich.  So cute that it’s hard to believe it’s a sandwich.  This is a really fun and festive sandwich that can be made for most any occasion.  A great birthday party sandwich or a fun summer lunch treat.

For the Double Dip Ice Cream Cone:

  • 1 slice white bread
  • 1 slice pumpernickel bread
  • 1 slice whole wheat bread
  • Snippets of colored veggies
  • Carrot
  • Sandwich filling

Remove crusts from all bread and then cut each slice of bread in half.  Fold like pieces of bread together.  Cut a large triangular shape for the cone from the whole wheat bread.  Cut an ice cream “dip” from white bread, as shown with a drippy bottom.  You will need to cut the top of the “cone” to the shape of your white Dip, just cutting away a tiny amount so the fit is good.  Cut a second Dip from the pumpernickel in the same manner.  Adjust the top of the white dip to fit the bottom of the dark Dip, as shown.  All pieces should align nicely.

Fill all sandwich pieces with desired filling and set in place on the plate.  Cut thin strips of carrot to form the cross hatching on the cone.  Cut pieces to fit.  Now cut little snippets of different colored veggies to make “sprinkles” to add to the top of the ice cream.  We used radish, celery, yellow pepper and orange pepper.  Use whatever veggies you have on hand.  Finish by garnishing the plate with extra little sprinkles.

Sandwich Making TIPS

Tip 1 Organize your working space so that you have three little areas to work, side by side.  Gather all breads, veggies and kitchen tools prior to starting.

We use three cutting boards next to each other for simplification.  Board 1 is our Veggie cutting area.  We arrange all veggies and kitchen tools around this board.  Board 2, the center area, is our Sandwich making space.  Board 3 is for bread cutting.

Tip 2 Use only fresh bread, as dry bread tends to crumble when cutting it.  When not using, store bread in the fridge to extend freshness.  We always keep even our cut scraps of bread in a plastic bag while we are working on creating the sandwiches.

Tip 3 Make sure your knives and kitchen tools are sharp.  Dull knives will only rip the bread, rather than making nice, clean cuts.

Tip 4 Utilize both large and small cookie cutters or sandwich cutters if available.  Some designs lend themselves to these cutters and if you are making a number of sandwiches for a group, then this is definitely a time saver.  We also use the open end of a glass to cut rounds, as needed.

Tip 5 Since you will be using some veggies that have excess moisture, such as peppers and grapes, it is helpful to keep some paper towels handy for blotting away the excess moisture.  Do this after cutting and before trying to arrange in place on, or next to, your sandwich design.

Tip 6 Always trim off the crusts of bread first prior to cutting shapes.  Depending on the size of bread slices you are using, you may need to alter the number of slices needed for a particular sandwich.  Some breads are thicker and some breads are much smaller in height and width.  Our preference is always the “very thin” breads by Pepperidge Farm.  It cuts well and lasts when saved in the fridge.

Copyright 2012 Sharon Pierce McCullough