Rock Collecting & Rock Painting for Kids

painting rocks

It’s fun to combine an outdoor activity and an art project for a day of fun.  Kids need the exercise and they always enjoy a bit of collecting just about anything.  This project involves a real rock hunting expedition that you can take close to home.  Choose a trip to a wooded park, a hiking trail or a local creek or riverbed.  We chose some ideas that we wanted to implement using our rocks ahead of time so we were looking specifically for some small rocks and some medium size rocks.

Rocks can be painted to look like animals … we painted a guinea pig … or just painted with colorful designs.  One of the best projects, and a favorite with the kids, was painting a Rock Family.  The fun part about painting a family is that kids can personalize the rocks to resemble, loosely, their own family.  They can make dad, mom, brothers and sisters … even the family pet.  And the Rock Family project can be turned into a cute Mix and Match game that gets a lot of giggles.

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