Dipped Pretzel Irish Wishing Sticks

This is a fun food item that the kids can help make.  We just used store bought Frosting, Pretzel rods and sprinkles.  Fun to give as gifts and tasty too.


  • Pretzel Rods
  • Sprinkles
  • White or Green Frosting
What To Do: 

  1. Put frosting in a small mug or other similar container.  Add a tiny bit of water at a time, mixing well, to get a slightly thinner consistency.  You want the frosting to stick to the pretzel sticks but not in a blobby way.
  2. Dip the end of the pretzel rod into the frosting, coating the top third or even half of the pretzel.  Tap pretzel a few times, against inside of mug, to remove excess but make sure the pretzel is coated.
  3. Immediately shake sprinkles onto the coating and then set uncoated end in another mug, or lay across a small bowl, leaving the coating set until hardened.
  4. When coating are completely set, you can then package for giving.  To serve at your party, just arrange pretzel rods in a container, coated ends up.

From the FoodChics, Sharon Pierce McCullough & Kristin Fitch