Best Kids App for iPhone

kids iphone app

Feed the Monster is our choice for the most fun app for kids and family.  Our kids are wild about this app which is all about creativity and fun.  Players get to make their own Monster from various Monster parts … body, eyes, arms, horns etc.  Then they can save up to five of their Monster creations.  You can then choose which monster to play in three different game challenges.

Out of the three games … Feed the Monster, Food Catch and Food Fight, the all time favorite seems to be Feed the Monster.  The kids (and I) love poking the Monster and watching for his funny interactions.  But best of all you can choose which food and non-food items to feed your Monster … then watch as the “special” foods evoke funny and comical reactions from your Monster.  Really, you’ve gotta try it.  For only $.99 it is a great value for a fun toy app.

Feed the Monster.   Coming to iPad any day now.