Hot Chocolate Shea Butter Soap

Hot Chocolate Soap is the ultimate indulgence, without the calories! Rich, creamy and sweet with plenty of cocoa. This is every chocolate lover’s dream!  Soften your skin while you lather up in the bath or shower with our fabulous Shea Butter Soap!

Shea Butter is a luxurious moisturizer, which leaves the skin feeling silky soft. It works by stimulating the skin’s renewal process, thus revealing a more youthful, fresh skin. Shea butter works by maintaining the natural oils in our skin, and it can also activate collage production. It is a wonderful butter to use, and makes the skin supple and soft. Many, many wonderful bath and body products are available from this Etsy seller, Sakura Bath & Body.  Hot Chocolate Bar $5.50

From Etsy shop Sakura Bath & Body