Is it a boy thing or all kids- My Journey of Cleaning Up Clothing All Over the House

Dirty Sock on MirrorAre boys programmed to discard clothing items as they enter the house? I find dirty socks thrown about my house every day.  Sometimes they are in the front entryway, other times in the kitchen or family room or in my boys’ bedrooms.  But I have even found socks throw onto home decor such as this mirror.  Seriously, what is up?

I watched my middle son who is six take off his socks glance into the kitchen where I was sitting and throw his socks into the entryway.  Of course I immediately went up to him and told him to collect his socks and put them on the washing machine.  I have repeatedly told my boys to put their dirty clothes on the washing machine or in their hamper but they rarely end up their unless I watch them do it or tell them we are not going until the clothes are put away.

My kids have chores such as cleaning the bathroom sink and toilet, or folding the clothes with me.  And each of my boys put away their own clothing after the clothes are folded.  So you would think they would have some respect from knowing the cycle of cleaning clothes and putting them away, but apparently it is not enough.

I am starting to wonder if I need take away all of their socks for a week and see how they like wearing their shoes without their comfy socks.  What do you think?

So here is my question- if you have girls-do they do this too?

And I know some of your husbands probably do leave clothes laying around, but my husband does not usually do that so what gives?