Win a Free Type A Mom Conference Pass from Mommie911

Hi Bloggers-

I have been planning to go to Type A Mom but I am no longer able to do so.  I do not want my Type A Mom Full Business Conference Pass to go to waste so I will give it to one deserving blogger.

Please spread the word.

A few notes-  I will transfer my pass to another blogger that I select.  But the blogger will be responsible for their own transportation, accommodations and food.  This will only entitle them to my pass which is transferable.  The Conference is next Friday (business), Saturday and Sunday.  I also have a ticket for the Biltmore Photography Tour that is during the day Thursday.  I am not suer yet if that is transferable.

In order to be considered please submit a comment about why you want to go and if you can still make it there under short circumstances.

We would love it if you follow @mommie911 and @ziggityzoom on Twitter and Like us on Facebook- and   My hope is if a blogger can go we could give you some info to share with some bloggers about ZiggityZoom- an educational and creative site for parents, teachers and kids.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

All entrants should be submitted between Sept, 15, 2010 and Sept 18th, 2010.  This pass is only available to US bloggers, likely ones within the distance to travel there easily.