What to Wear for BlogHer 10- Check Our My Options and Vote

Which Outfits do you like for daytime and evening parties at Blogher????  You can check out the slide show or gallery. In the slide show I tried to note items that might be for evening or could be for either.  I would love to know which ones you like, dislike or what  suggestions you have for me.  I already know some of them are probably no gos- but I wanted to give options.  Also, my hair will mostly be down, but I did not have time to do it before taking pics.  Oh and sorry I cut off most of my head- I should have checked the range before proceeding.

Just leave a comment below or email me kristin @ mommie911.com.

Thanks and see you at Blogher10-  Kristin (Mommie911 / ZiggityZoom)


I had set up 2 polls for voting but I had trouble with allowing multiple votes per poll in 1 post.  Maybe next time.