Skys the Limit – Mommie911 Shares Great Mom, Kid, Family, Food, Health Products with Open Sky


I am a mom, a wife, a cook, a runner, a friend, a small business owner and a woman.  Along my adventure called life, I sometimes discover great products, or items that get me excited … things I really love or think are huge time savers or just plain adorable.  Because I love sharing things I find that I think other moms, wives, friends, women, cooks, and our families will love I have become an Open Sky Seller.

What that means is that anything I share, and you are just as excited about  and want to buy, you can purchase directly from our website and every purchase comes with a Happiness Guarantee.  And let’s be honest, life is really about the Happiness.  So why shop somewhere else when you can shop Happy here?   Here is Open Sky’s Happiness Guarantee: “When you shop at OpenSky, we guarantee your happiness. You may return any purchase, for any reason and in its original condition, within 1 year for a full refund. And we’ll pay for the shipping!”

If you love checking out great products for yourself, your kids, a friend, your kitchen, innovative products or gizmos, or stuff that is just plain adorable then check back often to see what I find.

Basically, anything I find that I love I can make sure everyone else knows about it and it will be available from a place you trust – our site.

The shopping environment is secure and your information will not be shared with anyone.

I can’t wait to get started and share some super cool things with you.

Let our eyes feast on lovely things- I will be launching great finds using Open Sky on August 10th so be sure to come back and check it out.

Kristin and

To learn more about Open Sky-click here.