Smores on the Grill- Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Cake Dessert

S'mores CakesHere is a spin on traditional S’mores around the campfire- s’mores on the grill.  Let’s say you are planning a cookout or family- friendly dinner and want a fun dessert but without the fire or time it takes to roast marshmallows.

Try making these S’mores Mini Cakes.  They are very simple, quick and do not leave you cleaning up marshmallow sticks.

You will need:

  • A bag of mini-marshmallows
  • A box of Hershey’s chocolate bars (small bars or break up larger bars)
  • Package of individual sponge cakes


Wipe the top rack of your grill with non-stick cooking stray or a little Olive Oil.

Turn on the grill to a medium heat.  Once the grill is pre-heated, place the sponge cakes top-side down onto the top rack for approximately 2 minutes (with the grill open).  Remove the sponge cakes from the grill, add chocolate into the center of each sponge cake and place back on the  top rack of the grill.  As the chocolate starts to melt (it will get shiny), place mini marshmallows into the center of each sponge cake, filling the space to the top or slightly above.  Close the grill top to roast the tops of the marshmallows.

Once the tops of the marshmallows are golden, remove the Smores Cakes from the grill and serve immediately.

If you want to serve traditional S’mores instead, you can either pre-assemble the S’mores in individual aluminum foil packets and place on the grill, or in the oven, to melt the chocolate and marshmallows. (if you choose this option, use large marshmallows and graham crackers).

My 6 year old son’s birthday occurred during our Summer camping trip.  We had a large group of friends that were also camping and I wanted to do a cake or dessert to celebrate with everyone but I wanted to keep with the spirit of a campout.  I knew I could not make 100 S’mores cakes or S’mores so I made 2 S’mores Cakes (I used 2 large sponge cakes, chocolate bars and mini-marshmallows).

I cut out a ridge in each Sponge Cake (a deep ridge that went around the entire cake) and then I filled the opening with chocolate and marshmallows.  I warmed the cake on a small grill.  Since it was getting dark and it was a first attempt it turned out okay.  I would have preferred to warm it a little differently but, all and all, it turned out and we were able to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake right as the sun went down.