Perfect free iphone app for Blogher- Digital Business Card

iphone app-Snapdat digital business cardsThis week the business and personal app for iphone I am reviewing is SnapDat, SnapDat is a free application that allows you to have a digital business card that looks like a traditional business card. You can make it look like your actual business card or a bit different. You can customize the card to have your photo and logo on it.

If you are going to Blogher or Type A Mom Conference or any blogging or business conference using a digital business or personal card will save you money, save paper, and ensure the people you meet remember you and have your contact information at the ready.

The SnapDat business card even allows viewers of your digital business card link directly to your site, facebook or twitter.

The great part is if you meet someone at an event you can immediately email them your digital business card with a note and know they are not going to lose it or toss it. All you need is their email address.

I am getting ready to go to a conference where I will likely speak to 200+ people and I plan to use SnapDat to send my digital business card to most of them. My paper business card will get lost in the shuffle with the other 100 cards they collect but this way I will be top of mind and on their phone or computer ready for them to add to their contact list.

iphone app- Snapdat digital business cardsThe application sends a digital file and as image and also a .vcf file which allows them to add the contact information to their business address book.

The feature is a great way to send your contact information and your business card.

It will help more of us green our business practices by printing less business cards.

You are able to email your snapdat digital business card, or share it on Facebook, or Twitter.

For a free iphone app this is definitely one worth downloading.

Check it out at

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By Kristin Fitch