Toy Safety and Recalls- How to find Out What Toys are Safe for Your Kids

Over the past year, Toy Safety has been a hot topic with parents, toy manufacturers and retailers as many toy recalls were announced about toys containing too much lead. Most parents were afraid every toy their child touched was a possible danger. Even some lots of popular toys, such as, Dora and Sesame Street, had high levels of lead paint.

We will provide articles and tips on how to make sure your children’s toys are safe, and what to look out for. We will also keep our reader informed of any big toy safety news. Below is a list of some websites for Toy Safety and Recalls.

Two Government Sites to Check for Toy Safety and Recalls are:

Consumer Product Safety Commission screenshot

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
This site has information about All Consumer Products, including toys. It also has information regarding any product and toy recalls.

recalls government site

U.S. Site for Recalls
This site has information about All recalls, including toys. This site is great because it is an easy to remember url and it quick and easy to use.

Toy Information from Toy Association screenshot

Toy Industry Association’s website on Toy Information for Parents
This site is run by the Toy Industry Association that provides basic information about toy safety, what the Association is doing about better toy safety, and resources for parents regarding toys and toy safety.