Keeping Your Kids Safe Online- What You Need to Know about Internet Safety

boy on computerInternet Safety is of great importance to everyone. Whether you have a preschooler, middle schooler or teenager, understanding how your kids use the internet, what sites they visit, and how to protect your kids are all topics you need to be aware of and educate yourself.

We will regularly be adding new articles about internet safety and interviewing experts about Internet Safety. We will also keep our readers informed about new findings on internet safety, site to watch out for and programs to consider using.

We also want to provide you with a list of websites that focus on Internet and Child Safety (both online and off). The follow sites focus on Internet/Online Safety for kids, as well as what sites, videos, games, and movies are appropriate for different age groups. We highly recomend you visit these sites and review which sites can help you keep your kids safe online and viewing appropriate materials. These sites can help make parenting a little easier.

common sense media screenshot

Common Sense Media
Check out for information and reviews about appropriate websites, videos, dvds, movies based on a child’s age. This site helps parents make decisions about what to let their children watch and what sites to visit based on expert reviews. Parents can also post reviews as well.

netsmartz website screenshot

Check out a site run by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Boys and Girls Club which offers parents, teachers, law enforcement and kids how to be safe online. This site has lots of good information and tools about internet safety.

connect safely website screenshot

Connect Safely
Check out This site has many great articles and tips for parents and teens about how to be safe online. IT has many articles that can educate you or your child on the many different social networking platforms and sites. The Site is a project of Tech Parenting Group, a nonprofit organization and the forum is co-directed by Larry Magid of and Anne Collier of

Kids be safe online website screenshot
Check out This site provides great articles about internet safety, and also current news stories about internet predators, and about current and new legislation on internet safety and children.