About Us

Welcome to Mommie911!
girlfriends We have launched this site and blog series to help moms everywhere to be the best moms they can be by providing the tools, resources and articles to help keep your sanity, happiness and family intact while juggling 500 things at one time. This site is created by moms and is for moms.
We believe moms never have enough time and we want to help. We want to provide relevant information that is easy to find and quick to read with resources you can go to if you need more information. We also offer One Minute News so that time starved moms can stay well-informed. Because lets be honest – moms often have a hard time getting a minute alone – even to go to the bathroom.

Mommie911 will present original and unique featured content each month. A great series, called SuperHero Moms Spotlight, will Spotlight stories about moms that show us how we, as everyday moms, are truly exceptional and really are SuperHeroes.
We have outstanding experts helping at Mommie911 to create a site that will be a reliable resource you can come to when you need help, ideas, and information. Our independent experts work with us because helping families and women is important to them and they are committed to being a resource for women and children.

Mommie911 will also feature guest writers, bloggers and guest interviews every month that will share information, tips and ideas on how to keep your kids safe, how to be healthy, eat right, keep your sanity and relationship in tact, ideas to keep your kids entertained and recommendations on women’s and children’s issues.
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We also have partnered with our sister site www.ziggityzoom.com to bring you the Ziggits Awards.

Check out the Winners of the Ziggits Awards for Best Toys, Best Books, Best Products and WebsitesTo be announced December 20, 2008.