I think Hide and Seek is My New Favorite Kids Game- How to Get a Break from Your Kids

When friends or family come over my kids beg an uncle or aunt or someone else to play hide and seek with them. Usually the visiting guest honors their request and plays, often for over an hour, as people take turns hiding or searching.
The funny thing is I rarely play hide and seek with them. From what I have observed my kids are quiet, separate (which means no fighting amongst themselves), occupied, and do not need a new activity for sometime.

So I have to wonder, why the heck haven’t I been using Hide and Seek as a way to get in my breaks throughout the day for a little down time, a second to catch my breath or go to the bathroom without one of my kids chasing me into the bathroom, or just to stop my kids from fighting. I have come to realize that Hide and Seek can be my Hide and Peace! My boys get to have fun (albeit quiet), and I get to have time to read a short article, get a little work done, or check email, or enjoy a quiet moment and snack. And best of all the house is quiet- there is no fighting, or screaming, or crying or tattling. It is just quiet. I easily forget how nice silence can be.

Why doesn’t anyone tell you these sorts of things when you have kids or even when your kids get a little bigger? Where is that person?
I am here to tell you, if you need a break and you have kids that like games, fun, and surprises-
you should try playing hide and seek so you can get a little more Hide and Peace!!!
Of course the first few times you play you need to talk it up and make it fun-be silly and pretend you cannot find them (verbally for sometime-say funny things, like he can’t be in here can he and pick places you know they are not hiding. Continue to build up suspence until you find them- usually they are laughing so hard they can barely contain themselves. Once your kids are hooked you will find good hiding spots to relax in while they look for you or you can prolong finding them while you take a moment here or there for yourself (just don’t take too long at one time).
Or have your kids play with each other and you are there to help out if they need it. You can even try hiding objects that they have to find.
Here is to hoping you find time with a little Peace and Quiet.